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     Ex Voto was founded in 2021 by goldsmith & designer Megan Rugani. After years of working as a jeweler in the Bay Area and establishing Maiden Voyage Jewelry, Megan relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico; bringing with her some of the creative connections made while in California and abroad. Ex Voto's team consists of Andrew Cimelli, Klara Reitz, and Candice Moya.
     Our shop is curated with designers from Los Angeles to Toronto, who make their work by hand with care and integrity. We are proud to carry well established brands as well as support new and emerging designers with a fresh voice. Our aesthetic and our practice follow our philosophy of owning fewer, better things. We truly believe that being a responsible business starts with being a responsible consumer, and for us that means being mindful of not only where the things we source come from, but where they might be going years down the line. We're confident that the treasures you find at Ex Voto will be well loved by you, and likely by those who love you after you're gone.

"The very purpose and nature of jewels is one and the same: to transfix and reflect. Just like their glittering surfaces, jewels have one, and only one real power: They reflect our desires back to us and show us who we are." -Aja Raden