Metamorphosis Medallion

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Metamorphosis Medallion

The Metamorphosis Medallion is cast in 14k yellow gold and set with 3 bright white Diamonds, molded from an ancient coin from Syracuse, Sicily circa 415 B.C. This ancient coin features the nymph Arethusa in the front, and a ship’s wheel with 2 dolphins on the reverse. 

Arethusa is a beautiful nymph whose story is told by many but most notably Ovid in his poem Metamorphoses. Arethusa was attacked and chased by a lustful river god who would not take her no for an answer. While fleeing she pleaded for Artemis to help her escape. The goddess transformed her to clouds. However, the river god was persistent and Artemis transformed her again, this time to water. She became a stream that flowed underground, and even underneath the sea to escape, bubbling up as a sacred spring on the island of Sicily.

Strung on a 14k yellow gold chain.